Minji Oh


Minji Oh


PhD student supervised by Yong-Seon Song

Research on large scale structure of the universe, dark energy, redshift space distortion and modified gravity.

Research Interests

According to the recent research, it is known that we just entered the acceleration-expansion era of the universe, resulting in that the ratio of the universe that human beings can research and explore to the entire universe is getting to become smaller. But, as new Large Scale Structure surveys of the universe (e.g. DESI and EUCLID) are about to be launched, we will be able to have more transparent window to see the universe, simultaneously. It means that we are going to have enough data to test Einstein’s gravity theory, General Relativity, in cosmic scale. GR has been well applied up to solar scale to explain many phenomena like Mercury’s precession and even up to galactic scale, but it has been raised many questions of whether it is still available up to cosmic scale. It also implies that we can test many theoretical models which haven’t ever had any chance to be qualified but may be able to replace GR (e.g. modified gravity like f(R)). I’m interested in testing and suggesting cosmological models from basic LCDM-model to the extension of GR using BOSS data, with or without power spectra-shape prior.

“Big data” is another one of the important issues in cosmology as the amount of data we have to analyze increases proportionally to the volume of the observable universe. At some point, I may start considering this technical issue.

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Contact Information

minjioh AT kasi.re.kr
Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute 776, Daedeokdae-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea 305-348