Xiaolei Li (李晓雷)


  • Astrophysicist and Cosmologist
  • Postdoc Researcher

Research Interests

I am interested in understanding the nature of Dark Energy using type Ia supernova measurements, BAO, Gravitational lensing and ultra-compact radio quasars as cosmological probe.

I also work on trying to test the physics of inflation using upcoming large scale survey, including DESI and Euclid.

List of Publications

  1. Xiaolei Li, Noah Weaverdyck, Saroj Adhikari, Dragan Huterer, Jessica Muir, and Hao-Yi Wu, "The Quest for the Inflationary Spectral Runnings in the Presence of Systematic Errors." The Astrophysical Journal 862.2 (2018): 137. (arXiv: 1806.02515)
  2. Xiaolei Li, Shuo Cao, Xiaogang Zheng, Jingzhao Qi, Marek Biesiada, Zong-Hong Zhu, "Testing and selecting cosmological models with ultra-compact radio quasars." The European Physical Journal C77.10 (2017): 677. (arXiv: 1708.08867)
  3. Shuo Cao, Xiaolei Li, Marek Biesiada, Tengpeng Xu, Yongzhi Cai, Zong-Hong Zhu, "Test of parametrized post-Newtonian gravity with galaxy-scale strong lensing systems." The Astrophysical Journal 835.1 (2017): 92. (arXv: 1701.00357)
  4. Xiaolei Li, Shuo Cao, Xiaogang Zheng, Song Li, Marek Biesiada, "Comparison of cosmological models using standard rulers and candles." Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics 16.5 (2016): 084.( arXiv: 1510.03494)

Contact Information

Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute
776 Daedeokdae-ro, Yuseong-gu
305-348 Daejeon, Korea