RESEARCH FOCUS-Physical Cosmology

Current main research activities of my team:

Late Universe and Dark Energy

Early Universe Scenarios and Primordial Power Spectrum

  • Reconstructing the primordial spectrum using CMB and large scale structure data
  • Inflationary scenarios
  • ISW and connecting late and early universe.

Advanced Statistical Techniques

  • Crossing Statistics
  • Iterative method of smoothing
  • Deconvolution methods such as Modified Richardson-Lucy algorithm
  • Gaussian Processes


  • Reconstructing the internal dynamic of the galaxies (rotation curves)
  • Supernovae light curve analysis using Gaussian processes and cross-correlation
  • Time-delay estimation in strongly lensed systems (supernovae and quasars)
  • Resolving unresolved strongly lensed systems (supernovae and quasars)


  • DESI (Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument)
  • Rubin Observatory (LSST)