CINY 2019

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The intrinsic non-linear nature of gravity brings to cosmological perturbations the statistics with deviation from Gaussian one. The origin of this non-linear nature of cosmological perturbations, from which all observable structure in the universe are originated, is twofold. One is the initial, primordial one believed to be generated during inflation, and the other is the evolutionary one developed during the gravitational collapse after inflation. Thus, we should make use of non-linearity in cosmological perturbations as a useful tool to test both the physics of the early universe and the nature of gravitational interaction in the universe.

To describe non-linearity, we need statistical measures beyond two-point correlation function. Higher-order statistics is the window to beyond the standard cosmological model. With ongoing and future surveys including the recently SPHEREx, we will enjoy data with unprecedented level of accuracy.

The aim of the collaborating workshop among CosKASI-ICG-NAOC-YITP is, facing the observational progress, to discuss the theoretical frontier of higher-order statistics, including theory, simulation and data analysis. This will be a focussed workshop, with invited and submitted presentations, as well as adequate time for discussion.