Yong-Seon Song


Yeong-Seon Song
  • Cosmologist
  • Principal Research Scientist
  • Professor in UST
  • Research on large scale structure of the universe, dark energy, modified gravity, redshift space distortion
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Research Interests

Our universe is the biggest laboratory ever accessible to human beings. The physical knowledge known to us on Earth has already been challenged by cosmological observations of the formation of galaxies and the accelerating expansion of the Universe. In order to establish a cosmological stan- dard model without inconsistency between observables and our understanding of physical science, it is unavoidable for us either to assume the presence of as yet undetected dark materials filling 95 % of the total energy in the Universe, or to abandon some of the fundamental laws of modern physics, such as Einstein’s general relativity.

These cosmological observations suggest modifying our standard cosmological picture based upon known materials and fundamental laws on Earth, but current observations do not provide enough information to explain the abnormality at cosmological scales. I have shown that information of underlying science about the universe is given by looking at structure formation at large scales. While current observations revealed the breakdown of our knowledge of physical science at cosmo- logical scales, the future observation of large scale structure formation will provide us with a clue as to which part of our physical science should be modified - matter or gravity.

The next generation of cosmological observations will be launched to scan inhomogeneity at large scales, such as DESI and EUCLID. I propose that these experiments be optimally de- signed to answer the question whether our understanding of nature on the earth is universal or not. I plan to work on how to read signatures of our fundamental knowledge of nature imprinted on large scale structure formation, how to falsify different approaches - dark materials or violation of funda- mental laws - and how to develop computational and observational techniques to transform raw data sets into understandable physical knowledge. We are at a critical moment of understanding of Na- ture, and we need inter-communicating leadership between theoretical knowledge and observational techniques. I have developed research to meet such a need.

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ysong AT kasi.re.kr
Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute 776, Daedeokdae-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea 305-348