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Visitors @ Cosmology Group

Vistors (2019)
Ayan Mitra (Nazarbayev University) Sept. 16-27
Andreas Albrecht (UCDavis) May. 13-17 Colloquium: "Origin of Probabilities"

Vistors (2018)
Raul Monsalve (McGill) Nov. 26-30 Colloquium: "The Signature of the Cosmic Dawn in the Sky-Averaged Radio Spectrum"
Francois Bouchet (IAP) Nov. 12-13 Colloquium: "Cosmology with the Cosmic Microwave Background Light: Then and Now"
Le Zhang (SJTU) May 9-11
Sohyun Park (Czech Academy of Science) April 4-5

Vistors (2017)
Mikhail Denissenya (Nazarbayev University) Dec. 5-15
Cora Uhlemann (DAMTP , cambridge) Oct. 30-31 Seminar: "Counts-in-cells statistics for large scale structure— from theory towards galaxy surveys"
Jaime Forero-Romero (Universidad de los Andes, Colombia) Oct. 1-31 Seminar: "Simulating the The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument"
Pravabati Chingangbam (Indian Institute for Astrophysics, Bangalore, India) Aug. 25th Seminar: "A new probe of cosmological fields"
Srivatsan Sridhar (Obs. Côte d'Azur, Nice) May 31 - June 16 Seminar: "Statistical analysis of galaxy clusters from next generation cluster surveys"
Hyungjin Kim (Waterloo) May 1 - July 31 Seminar: "Perturbation Theory with Cuscuton"
Zhigang Li (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) May 29 - June 9 Seminar: "RSD cosmology"
Masato SHIRASAKI Mar. 16 Seminar: "Probing Cosmology with Peak Count in Weak Lensing Mass Map"
Sanggyu Biern (U. Zurich, APCTP) Mar. 6-8 Seminar: "Can we observe GR effects in the galaxy power spectrum near the horizon?"

Vistors (2016)
David Parkinson Sep 19 - 23 hosted by Y-S
Yoo Geun Song Sept 12-17 hosted by Cris
Takahiro Nishimichi Sep 5 - 9 hosted by CosKASI
Shinji Tsujikawa Sep 5 - 9 hosted by CosKASI
Rory Smith Aug 26 hosted by Y-S
Dr. Hongjun An (Stanford University, USA) 4 January 2016 Colloquium on "Astrophysical Compact Objects: Observational Properties and Data Analysis" [hosted by Ki-Young Choi]

Visitors (2015)
Prof. Jean-Luc Starck (CEA Saclay, France) 6-10 December 2015 Colloquium on "Joint CMB map reconstruction from WMAP and Planck data" [hosted by Arman Shafieloo]
Dr. Jan Hamann (University of Sydney, Australia) 22-27 November 2015 Seominar on "Neutrinos in Cosmology" [hosted by Arman Shafieloo]
Prof. Joseph Mohr (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München/MPE, Germany) 19-21 November 2015 Colloquium on "Studies of Galaxy Clusters and Cosmology with the South Pole Telescope and the Dark Energy Survey" [hosted by Jeeseon Song]
Prof. Carsten Rott (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea) 18 November 2015 Colloquium on "Past and Future Discoveries with Neutrinos" [hosted by Ki-Young Choi]
Dr. Sungwoo Youn (CAPP, IBS, Korea) 12 November 2015 Seminar on "Cavity-based Axion Dark Matter Search at CAPP/IBS" [hosted by Ki-Young Choi]
Dr. Tomo Takahashi (Saga University, Japan) 10-13 November 2015 Seminar on "Aspects of multi-field models of inflation" [hosted by Ki-Young Choi]
Dr. Yong Tang () 2 November 2015 Seminar on "IceCube Events and Decaying Dark Matter with Right-handed Neutrino Portal" [hosted by Ki-Young Choi]
Dr. Toyokazu Sekiguchi (CTPU, IBS, Korea) 29 October 2015 Seminar on "Probing cosmological models with 21cm line fluctuations from minihalos" [hosted by Ki-Young Choi]
Dr. Amir Aghamousa (APCTP, Korea) 22 October 2015 Discussion & Collaboration [hosted by Arman Shafieloo]
Dr. Benjamin L'Huillier (KIAS, Korea) 21-22 October 2015 Discussion & Collaboration [hosted by Arman Shafieloo]
Prof. Daniel Eisenstein (Harvard University, USA) 15 October 2015 Discussion on DESI [hosted by Yong-Seon Song]
Prof. Asantha Cooray (University of California, Irvine, USA) 14 October 2015 Discussion on NISS/SPHEREx [hosted by Yong-Seon Song]
Dr. Sachiko Kuroyanagi (APCTP, Korea - Nagoya University, Japan 14-17 September 2015 Seominar on "Probing cosmic string properties through Pulsar Timing Array" [hosted by Arman Shafieloo]
Dr. Emre Onur Kahya (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey) 24 August-1 September 2015 Seminar on "Zeta-Zeta correlator is time-dependent" [hosted by Sohyun Park]