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Studying the BAO peak with more than just spectroscopic data


Christoph Saulder
Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (Republic of Korea)


Most BAO studies are conducted using only the spectroscopic data from large surveys such as DESI or SDSS. However such programmes take several years until they have completed their observations and their early incomplete data releases are plagued by systematics. In order to get solid results from early data, I present two approaches: one using data from photometric surveys that were conducted for target selection alone and another one taking advantage of the cross-correlations between the photometric and the incomplete spectroscopic data. I will discuss the advantages, but also the challenges and limitations that come with these methods. Additionally, I will provide a few examples on what these methods can do with early DESI data.

Date and Time

March 3 2022
4pm KST (= 7am UTC)


Link to the recording on Youtube