Early Career Researcher cosmology seminar

This CosKASI seminar invites Early Career Reseachers (from graduate students to tenure-track positions) to communicate the results of their work in an online presentation. The series of talks will mainly cover different areas of cosmology and related fields, and will be followed by a discussion session. The seminar will typically be 45 minutes long, and be held once every two weeks on a Thursday, either at 4pm KST or 10am KST depending on the time zone of the speaker.

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Date Speaker Title of the talk
March 18 2021
(4pm KST)
Shahab Joudaki
(University of Waterloo)
The Current Status of Weak Lensing Cosmology
April 1 2021
(4pm KST)
Jenny Feige
(Technical University of Berlin)
Supernova Traces on Earth
April 15 2021
(10am KST)
Khaled Said
(University of Queensland)
Cosmology with Peculiar Velocities: Present and Future
April 29 2021
(4pm KST)
Satadru Bag
Be it unresolved: Extracting time delays from unresolved light curves
May 13 2021
(4pm KST)
Aoife Boyle
(Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris)
Neutrino masses from cosmology: cosmological degeneracies and systematic biases
May 27 2021
(4pm KST)
Nikki Arendse
(DARK, University of Copenhagen)
Cosmic dissonance: new physics or systematics behind a short sound horizon?
June 10 2021
(4pm KST)
Maria Mylova
Topics on Inflation
June 24 2021
Nicola Bellomo
(University of Texas at Austin)
Tracing LSS with gravitational waves
July 8 2021
Andrew Graus
(University of Texas at Austin)

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